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Our End-to-End Approach

Singularity Partners proffers a world class "end-to-end" set of services that represent cutting edge best practices that disrupt through focused innovation and unique efficiency. Our years of dedicated vocation, along with life-long partnerships allows us to put forward a comprehensive basket of technology services that have a positive impact on any business.

Singularity Partners Agile Transformation Services

Agile Transformation Services

Most organizations begin exploring and achieve ad hoc capability through self-learning, experimentation, and limited training and consulting. Once organizations have had some initial success with agile, the goal expands to align teams at all levels of the organization. Leveraging initial success requires an organized approach. Singularity Partners provides a solution to enable this broader agile capability.

Singularity Partners Application Services

Application Services

Technology innovation is happening faster than ever before. Corporations are undergoing rapid changes with accelerated adoption of emerging technologies ( e.g. social, mobile, Big Data and cloud) which are disrupting traditional business models. CIOs and IT departments have never been under greater pressure to do more with less.

Singularity Partners Big Data Services

Big Data Services

Big Data has brought about a paradigm shift in the way industry looks at storing and consuming data. It is well known that 3Vs of data (Volume, Velocity and Variety) are expanding at an exponential rate. Unstructured data is growing faster than structured data. Organizations which leverage, harness and integrate this data into business to differentiate themselves are able to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Singularity Partners Digital Services

Digital Services

Our Digital Services is a practical entity set up in the company to bring about digital innovation and excellence to our customers. We help clients develop and materialize digital strategies, enhance their capabilities and make digital the only way to do business.

Singularity Partnes IBM AIX Migration Services

Hardware Services

Our expert engineering team blends an intimate knowledge of the latest processes, standards, and frameworks with years of experience designing, testing, and launching hardware, firmware, and software applications from a breadth of industries and environments. We have the tools and technical expertise to help you solve the toughest problems, reduce risk, and leverage the very latest technology.

Singularity Partners Interim Technology Leadership Services

Independent Validation & Verification

Singularity Partners IT Staffing Sevices

Singularity Partners implements some of the largest, most complex IT solutions and business transformation initiatives for its clients throughout the continental United States and abroad. We understand the challenges of developing and implementing enterprise IT solutions, which is why we offer our Independent & Validation (IV&V) service to our customers.

IT Staffing Services

Singularity Partners is a premier provider of IT staffing solutions to Fortune 500 customers. Whether it is providing just a few resources or staffing entire project teams involving hundreds of resources, Singularity Partners IT staffing solutions help clients with the right talent, skills and competencies when they need them.

Singualrity Partners Sales Acceleration

Sales Acceleration Services

During the years we've been entrenched in the global technology community, we’ve made key connections with the industry’s leaders, movers and shakers.  Decision makers whose word is gold and touch is golden.  Through our experience and relationships, Singularity Partners is able to connect the C-Level executive, The VC and the early stage company in an efficient and profitable manner.

Singularity Partners Telematics Services

Telematics Services

Technology innovation is happening faster than ever before. Corporations are undergoing rapid changes with accelerated adoption of emerging technologies ( e.g. social, mobile, Big Data and cloud) which are disrupting traditional business models. CIOs and IT departments have never been under greater pressure to do more with less.

Singularity Partners API Management Services

API Management Services

An enterprise would generally have hundreds of digital assets for exposing as APIs. Once they finalize the initial set of APIs, the demand for more APIs typically increases exponentially. Thus, it is crucial to lay a strong foundation for managing these APIs to leverage their full potential, and to scale them up with demand. API management products provide a strong platform, which addresses the various aspects of managing the APIs.

Singularity Partners AWS Cloud Services

AWS Cloud Services

Our industry accredited staff delivers applications that are performant, scalable, secure reliable and that are capable of meeting stringent SLA’s. Our customers can choose to have our team exclusively deliver the service or as collaboration that “Cloud Enables” your local staff. Our mission is to help our customers to focus on their core business while Singularity Partners ensures that their applications run flawlessly in the AWS cloud.

Singularity Partners DevOps Services

DevOps Services

Singularity Partners offers proven tools, flows, environments and expertise for large and small enterprises to quickly spin up a DevOps environment for your use. We offer capabilities for enterprises to develop, build, test and deploy software across a variety of cloud environments including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure along with on premise environments.

Singularity Partners Enterprise Service Bus Consulting and Development Services

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Services

Singularity Partners is an industry leader for an enterprise services bus, with over 14 years of experience in assisting customers to take advantage of this key technology.

Singularity Partnes IBM AIX Migration Services

IBM AIX Migration Services

IT organizations in healthcare, government, financial institutions, and telecoms, struggle to accelerate innovation around AIX-dependent applications due to familiar on-premises infrastructure constraints. But by migrating AIX applications to the cloud, and providing end users with self-service access to environments, IT gets the most out of their existing investments, while enabling teams to deliver greater agility and test coverage than any other cloud can provide.

Singularity Partners Interim Technology Leadership Services

Interim Technology Leadership Services

Companies know when there is a significant problem or void within their software development or IT organization, and Singularity Partners executives know what to do to solve them with accountability, respect, and authenticity. Our interim technology leaders get to work right away to manage teams, set budgets, establish strategy and ship products.

Singularity Partners Mainframe Migration Services

Mainframe Migration Services

Market forces demand a response from companies in every corner of the world seeking to maintain a modern and effective enterprise information environment. Whether it is consumerism, digitization, social-mobile-analytics-cloud (aka the SMAC Stack) or productizing, the organizations that run business IT systems must be agile enough to respond to market demands in better–faster–cheaper ways.

Singlarity Partners SAP Business IT Solution Services

SAP Business IT Solution Services

SAP experts at Singularity Partners have successfully helped Global 2000 enterprises meet challenges by enhancing their operations, streamlining business processes to ensure consistency across countries, consolidating platforms, and replacing legacy systems with SAP applications.

Signularity Partners Testing Services

Testing Services

Singularity Partners Independent Testing Services help ensure your business readiness by deploying its comprehensive range of world-class and innovative Testing Services customized for your business needs.

Questions about our Services? Please contact us for more information.

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