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Testing Services

Our Overview

In the recent past, IT landscape and applications have become convoluted with the advent of game changing technology trends like ecommerce, social media, mobility, Agile, software as a service (SaaS), cloud etc. In today's world of ever increasing business complexities and technology growth, it is imperative that organizations focus on ‘Reducing Time to Market’ while ensuring ‘Product Quality and Reliability’ to stay ahead of competition, gain customer confidence and thus increasing profitability.


Singularity Partners Independent Testing Services help ensure your business readiness by deploying its comprehensive range of world-class and innovative Testing Services customized for your business needs.


Singularity Partners offers a wide range of Testing Services to its customers across industry domains and geographies.

Our Testing Services Offerings

Automation Testing

Test Automation can provide important time savings and productivity gains to any organization, allowing an increased focus on validating new functionality.


New application architectures that are heterogeneous and distributed, coupled with more UI flexibility multiply the number of end user scenarios to be tested.


Increased test automation helps to leverage technologies in improving functional test coverage, reducing costs and driving flexibility.

Test Automation Strategy

This service comprises of looking at the system landscape, any existing automation, automation tools and defining a comprehensive Automation Strategy and implementing a roadmap to reap the benefits from automation.

Framework Design and Build

Singularity Partners has expertise in developing different types of test automation frameworks including Keyword Driven, Data Driven and Hybrid models. Our frameworks use a modular functional decomposition approach, into their fundamental tasks such as application initiation, application login, user interface navigation, data verification, logging and reporting.


Test Automation

  • QTP, Microsoft Coded UI, Rational Functional Tester, Selenium, Watir, etc.

Test Management

The Test Management service would involve review, signoff and management of all the Test Phases and all its associated test deliverables, so as to facilitate quality product delivery. This is an overarching service that is agnostic to the underlying testing teams delivering the testing services. So, the test team could be a mix of resources from Singularity Partners and the client working under one Test Management to deliver quality testing services.

The Test Management Service requires the Test Management in conjunction with PM/PMO, and other stakeholders to deliver the following:

  • Develop Test Strategy

  • Review & sign off on key deliverables

  • Go/No-Go for releases

  • Schedule Management

Test Management partners closely with the PM/PMO to deliver the following:

  1. Test Strategy

  2. Review & sign off on key deliverables

  3. Go/No-Go for releases

  4. Schedule Management

  5. Effort Management

  6. Resource Management

  7. Risk Management

  8. Metrics Management and Reporting

Singularity Partners Testing Services offer a range of quality assurance and software testing services that enable enterprises to seamlessly new technologies. Our portfolio of test engineering and quality assurance services are designed to test, measure and assure quality for software in an enterprise. Our domain and industry-focused testing services can ensure that your IT applications meet growing business needs with high performance and availability.

Singularity Partners Application Services help enterprise achieve efficiency, flexibility and cost optimization .Our solutions helps enterprise drive business innovation by integrating next generation technology into the enterprise IT landscape thus transforming business processes.

Performance Testing

Singularity Partners performance testing services are designed to meet your needs at any stage of the software development lifecycle, in order to identify and resolve performance issues in the application.


Singularity Partners draws a substantial amount of performance testing expertise from diverse applications, technologies, and businesses using industry leading performance testing tools, both commercial and open source.

Performance Testing

Performance testing determines or validates the speed, scalability, and/or stability characteristics of the system or application under test. Performance is concerned with achieving response times, throughput, and resource-utilization levels that meet the performance objectives of the project or product.

Load Testing

Load testing is a subcategory of performance testing that is focused on determining or validating performance characteristics of the system or application under test when subjected to workloads and load volumes anticipated during production operations.

Soak/Endurance Testing

Investigate the impact of load over long durations on responsiveness and system performance. This is done to investigate Memory Leaks with-in the system.

Stress Testing

Stress testing is a subcategory of performance testing that is focused on validating performance characteristics of the system or application under test, when subjected to conditions beyond those anticipated during production. Stress tests may also include tests focused on validating performance characteristics of the system or application under test when subjected to other stressful conditions, such as limited memory, insufficient disk space, etc. These tests are designed to determine under what conditions an application will fail, how it will fail, and what indicators can be monitored to warn of an impending failure.


Performance Testing 

  • Loadrunner, Jmeter, Rational Performance Tester , SOSTA CloudTest

Cloud Management

Internet based per-use service models are turning things upside down in the software industry. Not only does cloud computing bring new business opportunities; it also causes some major impacts on software testing and maintenance.  Singularity Partners provides testing and measurement activities on a cloud-based environment and infrastructure by leveraging cloud technologies and solutions. Our services assure quality of cloud-based applications deployed in a cloud, including their functional services, business processes, security and system performance, as well as scalability based on a set of application-based system requirements in a cloud.

Functional Testing of Cloud Based Applications

Apart from the verification and validation of applications’ business functionality, Cloud based applications need testing of the following critical aspects that are unique to Cloud applications that can have serious legal and financial implications if not thoroughly tested, as described below:

  • Multi-Tenancy Testing

  • Billing and Payment


Cloud Performance Testing

Performance testing, monitoring, and tuning of cloud are the key buzzwords nowadays. We provide expertise and easy to use cloud based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) performance tools that test, analyze and monitor all aspects of the web infrastructure to identify current and potential issues. Our cloud performance testing includes load and stress testing

Cloud Security Testing

Security is of paramount importance in cloud based applications. Data from one organization should not be visible to other organizations. Apart from this, data visibility should be controlled based on the user’s roles in the organization. Implementing security in SaaS models is a challenge, especially when the database is shared by more than one organization. Singularity Partners cloud security testing comprises of benchmarking with OWASP top ten security threats, determining risks and severity.

Some of the key areas we cover include:

  • Identity Management-Authorization

  • Identity Management-Authentication

  • Identity Management-Access Control

  • SQL Injection

  • Cross-Site Scripting

  • Load Balancing

  • Broken Authentication and Session Management


Cloud Performance Testing

  • SOASTA Cloud Lite, Jmeter

Cloud Security Testing

  • IBM Appscan, Burp Suite, Tamper Data, Live http Headers

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility is no longer confined to traditional definitions, especially with growing need to embrace multi-generational and multi-cultural populations. Our Accessibility Testing service evaluates the Web Sites and Web Applications against the Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG, Section 508 and DDA etc.) Our approach includes a combination of Manual and Assistive Technology based testing.

Our Accessibility Testing service offers:

  • Section 508 Compliance

  • DDA Compliance Testing – Priority A, AA & AAA guidelines

  • WCAG Testing



Accessibility Testing Tools

  • WAT 1.0, JAWS 7, Supernova

Security Testing

In this era of seemingly nonstop waves of hacking, malware, and spear-phishing attacks, the new mandate is to have the right technology and security testing practices in place to detect and fix any security defects before the application goes live.

Application Security Testing Assessments

  • The need for security testing/vulnerability assessment of an application is to ensure that it is not susceptible to the popular web attacks depicted by “OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top Ten Threats”

  • Patching or rebuilding application is expensive

  • Interaction between 3rd party code and custom business logic creates vulnerabilities

  • Organizations are increasingly investing in infrastructure and using vendor provided PaaS and IaaS services


Singularity Partners Security Testing Services Ensure

  • Applications are secure against known and unknown vulnerabilities (Identity Spoofing, Illegal Access, Service attacks, Buffer Overruns) and data is secure and hack proof (Data Tampering)Applications are compliant with all security regulations

Security Testing Tools

  • IBM Appscan

  • Burp Suite

  • Tamper Data

  • Live http Headers

  • HP Fortify

  • VeraCode

  • OWASP Top 10

  • N-Stealth, Hailstorm, Paros, SANS Tops 20

Test Tool Support

Over time, businesses are likely to acquire multiple, redundant testing tools for their different business units or departments in different geographic locations. Also, mergers and acquisitions can bring in redundant tools into the organization. To ease operation and tool maintenance, and significantly lower capital investments and operating costs, it is imperative that the organizations rationalize their test tools.


Our Test Tool Support service can help organization in the process of Tool Rationalization and the Support/Maintenance of the Testing Tools.


Test Tool Support Services offered by Singularity Partners are:

  • Tool rationalization

  • Tool license management

  • Tool training and support

  • Tool installation, upgrade, maintenance and administration

  • Tool evaluation and implementation road map definition

Process Assessment & Assurance

Testing organizations are continuously facing challenges with respect to demanding business requirements. They need to meet them through improvement of operational efficiencies, changing technological landscape, better governance etc. QA processes form the underlying DNA of a testing organization. Our Quality Process Assessment & Assurance service helps in streamlining the testing processes for meeting the day to day challenges faced by testing organizations.

Singularity Partners Process Assessment & Assurance includes:

  • Assess the current maturity of testing processes and benchmark them against industry standard practices

  • Identify industry best practices to reduce overall cost of quality and improve test efficiency

  • Identify the key focus areas and challenges for QA organization

  • Provide a blueprint to improve the QA processes

  • Align the QA organization with the organization’s IT strategy and objectives

Our Process Assessment Framework focuses on:

  • Organization & operating model

  • Test lifecycle - process & methods

  • Support functions

  • Infrastructure & tools

  • Application environments

Test Environment Management

Singularity Partners Test Environment Management service will provide the expertise to design, procure, build, test, and manage test environments. Our team will identify the optimal type and number of test environments necessary for various applications within the scope of the testing Center of Excellence (CoE).

Test Environment Requirements Management

  1. Assess environment requirements, migration procedures and checklists

  2. Align test environment requirement plan in accordance with the overall project plan

  3. Identify the key focus areas and challenges for QA organization

  4. Ensure environment reservation/scheduling/booking for better ROI.

Environment Provisioning

  1. Communicate environment requirements to the infrastructure partner at the end of test planning phase

  2. Leverage cloud providers for on-demand hosting and conduct environment readiness check and provide Go/No-Go decisions

  3. Establishment of standard processes around test environments.

Monitoring and Reporting Procedures

  1. Establish metrics by SLA/KPIs

  2. Monitor environment availability

  3. Identify gaps and develop a service improvement plan

  4. Continuous process review to meet service objectives

  5. Manage test Change Control Board (CCB)

Some of the tools employed for Test Environment Management are:

  • HP OpenView

  • SiteScope

  • Rational Clear Case

  • Rational Clear Quest

  • Perforce

  • Integrity

  • Sub Version

  • VSS

Functional Testing

Singularity Partners philosophy of testing is centered on the ‘Shift-Left’ philosophy where, we introduce testing early in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to identify defects up stream, rather than detecting them at the time of system testing. Our testing activities span each phase of the application development life cycle – Business Requirements, Design, Build, Test, Final Preparation and Go-Live. We employ proprietary testing techniques and tools such as requirements profiling and validation, risk-based testing, automated test design, test case design and optimization, test metrics to measure the quality of testing and software quality and dynamic test planning and scheduling.

Manual Integration and System Testing

Our Integration Testing ensures that all related systems exchange data seamlessly, work flows between the systems are working correctly, and to confirm the system’s ability to satisfy the business intent. Our Black Box approach to System Testing validates functional requirements of systems, by covering all paths through the application, based on varying data and actions of the user.


Regression Testing

Our regression testing provides maximum test coverage with minimum number of test cases leading to minimal cost of appraisal and risk. We design regression test packs based on risks, in order to achieve a balanced trade-off between early ‘go-live’ and 100% testing, and ensure significant savings in time and money.

End-to-End Business Scenario Testing

Our E2E testing focuses on testing the entire system for complete business processes like Order-to-Cash; Procure-to-Pay etc. and covers B2B and B2C.


Requirement Analysis

  • IBM Requisite  Pro,  Test Link, Quality Center


Test Planning & Management

  • Quality Center, Test Link, Rational Test Manager


Defect Management

  • Quality Center,  MantisBT, Jira, Bugzilla, Bug Tracker,  ClearQuest

Mobility Testing

Over the last decade, we have seen an explosive growth in the usage of mobile devices, mobile applications, service/application providers and web content. The key drivers for mobility testing include:


  • Mobile environments differ – unlike the traditional wired environment in PCs with high memory capacity, mobile phones are wireless devices with wireless infrastructure with a software exclusively designed for low memory phones operating on a wireless environment

  • Deliver higher quality apps – increase consumer satisfaction and fulfill their expectations and requirements – all of which lead to increased mobile revenue and profits!

  • Get To market faster - avoid costly delays by testing throughout the application development process and also to ensure reduced support costs.

  • Global testing coverage – to validate applications across operating systems, platforms, languages, and more.

Functional Testing

Testing of mobile applications for various scenarios based on specifications. This testing also involves the manual verification of the interfaces of the app with the given requirements.


Usability Testing Interruption

Testing done to verify the stability of the application when there are interrupts from other applications (call manager etc.,) working on the phone, push services, a call, an SMS.


Validation of the compliance of the app with apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).



Longevity testing, also called as endurance testing, evaluates the application ability to handle a constant, moderate work load for a long time. In addition to this Mobile device performance should be verified under various conditions namely:

  • Full Memory

  • Low Memory

  • Low Battery

  • Low Network Signal Strength

  • External Memory Usage

  • Updating the Software


Testing the application for Web content accessibility, Mobile Application Accessibility, WCAG 2.0 Guidelines, US 508 Guidelines.


Testing application on devices with different service provider, wireless, bandwidth etc.

Security Testing

Testing the application security from access credentials to vulnerability of the app, how good it is in protecting data and maintaining functionality as intended.

Performance Testing

The purpose of performance testing is to identify and isolate the performance bottlenecks and to optimize code that has bottlenecks.


Automation of repeatable test cases using tools that are specific for Mobile Application automation such as Jamo, TestQuest Pro, SeeTest etc.


Mobility Functional Testing

  • PerfectoMobile, DeviceAnywhere, Monkey Talk

Mobility Automation Testing 

  • JamoSolutions, TestQuest

Mobility Security Testing

  • IBM Appscan, Burp Suite, Tamper Data, Live http Headers, HP Fortify, VeraCode

Testing - Functional Testing
Testing - Automation Testing
Testing - Test Management
Testing - Mobility Testing
Testing - Performance Testing
Testing - Cloud Management
Testing - Accessibility Testing
Testing - Security Testing
Testing - Test Tool Support
Testing - Process Assessment & Assurance
Testing - Test Environment Management

Questions about our Testing Services? Please contact us for more information.

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