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Singularity Partners API Management Services

API Management Services

Singularity Partners API Management Services

Web-APIs driving digital innovation. The five themes defining today’s digital spectrum are social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and the internet of things, collectively called SMACIOT. Each technology theme can be described at length, but there is a common thread that links all these themes and surrounding entities. We call this as “API” (Application Programming Interface) in general and “Web-API” for web oriented digital APIs.

Singularity Partners API Management Services

Digital is about leveraging the right technology to address the opportunities offered across SMACIOT in innovative ways. Enterprise APIs are a very critical catalyst for driving this innovation as they enable collaboration between SMACIOT technologies across channel barriers. They not only fuel growth, but also give enterprises a competitive edge by making an enterprise nimble to change, and keep ahead of the curve.

Our Value Proposition

Singularity Partners is involved in executing API management projects, building skills on API management, and creating thought leadership in API management space. We have experts across multiple leading products in the API management space.

Singularity Partners API Management Services

Our Partnerships

We hold strong partnerships with leading API product vendors and collaborate with them to evangelize usage of APIs, develop industry-specific solutions, influence product roadmaps, and team up to provide our clients robust and scalable solutions. Our teams are engaged in helping clients implement API management programs leveraging leading API products.

Singularity Partners API Management Services

Our Overview

Whether you are looking to break down your internal data silos or bring value to your data along with an innovative ecosystem, APIs are – and must be – at the heart of your strategy. APIs is essential for companies to make the best out of the `Digital Core’, which has been developed over multiple years of effort and billions of dollars of investment. It helps create a wrapper of sorts around this Digital Core to make it more nimble by exposing the core functionalities in a more granular manner.


An enterprise would generally have hundreds of digital assets for exposing as APIs. Once they finalize the initial set of APIs, the demand for more APIs typically increases exponentially. Thus, it is crucial to lay a strong foundation for managing these APIs to leverage their full potential, and to scale them up with demand. API management products provide a strong platform, which addresses the various aspects of managing the APIs. These platforms offer pre-built sets of functionalities, which can be quickly configured to achieve most generic requirements from an API management perspective.






































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