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IT Staffing Services

Our Overview

Singularity Partners is a premier provider of IT staffing solutions to Fortune 500 customers and public sector organizations (federal, state and local governments).  Our staffing services help clients with right talent, skills and competencies when needed.


We provide our clients with exceptional recruiting that exceeds client expectations through highly effective processes that include candidate sourcing, screening, background checks and testing. Our commitment to servicing our clients is evident by repeat business from existing clients.

Digital Staffing

Savvy companies know that strengthening their brand, being innovative and fostering customer relationship are critical to stay ahead of the competition. A greater symbiosis of technology and marketing is achieved through marketing-led initiatives powered by latest technologies.
Digital Staffing is one such recruitment process where the focus is equally led upon innovative and technological expertise. Singularity Partners specializes in identifying your requirements in digital marketing. It helps you find skilled design, functional, development and technical resources that can fetch you top results. We can help you accurately diagnose your needs and hire creative and marketing technologists who possess both innovative & technical expertise. 

Businesses struggle to build a team of right size and skill set mix to achieve their organisational goals. We give you access to the first-class talent when you need it badly, then release you from your employment obligations when the need reduces or changes. Digital Staffing turns out to be an affordable option than outsourcing digital marketing projects and/or employing in-house professionals for an infinite time that you might not need after a certain period. It allows you to customize your marketing team as need arises and deal with any marketing challenges thrown your way.

With Singularity Partners' Digital Staffing services you know you will have talents in your team you can rely on. We will bring to you proven experts of the Digital Marketing domain and strong personalities who will fit in your culture seamlessly.

So whether you are re-establishing your brand, launching a new product or re-designing your website, we are here to help!

The following include just some of the roles found under Digital Staffing:

Application Staffing

In the post-recession era, managing end-customer relationships to drive revenue growth is a priority for enterprises worldwide. The enterprise application and technology landscape has to constantly evolve to ensure that businesses continue to innovate for sustained success in the foreseeable future. We provide talented IT resources to help define and implement innovative solutions that extend the life of legacy applications, turn around non-performing systems, enterprises application development and management services, system integration and testing solutions.

  • Analytics

  • Assurance Services

  • Application Development

  • Application Management

  • Application Modernization

  • Business Consulting Services

  • Business Transformation

  • Business Processing Reengineering

  • Business Intelligence

  • Big Data

  • Cloud Computing

  • CRM (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft)

  • Data Warehousing

  • Enterprise Management Systems

  • Testing Services

  • Project Management

  • Performance Management

The following include just some of the roles found under Application Staffing:

  • Integration Services

  • Mobility Solutions & Services

  • Supply Chain Package Implementation

  • Enterprise Data Management & Report

  • Microsoft Technologies – Dynamics, SharePoint and Azure

  • ERP Package Implementation – Oracle & SAP

  • ECM – EMC, MS SharePoint, Open Text and Autonomy-Interwoven

  • Application Management

  • Data Base Administrator

  • Data Center Management

  • Information Assurance

  • IT Energy Efficiency

  • IT Logistics Support

  • IT Service Management

  • Converged Network Services

  • Data Storage Management

  • End-User Computing Services

  • Infrastructure Security

  • IT Forensics and eDiscovery

  • IT Maintenance

  • Managed IT Services Support

  • Asset ID and Config Mgmt

  • Data Center Optimization

  • Enterprise Systems Mgmt

  • IT Acquisition Management

  • IT Infra Optimization

  • IT Operation Planning

  • Managed Security Services

IT Infrastructure Staffing

Organizations have to be more responsive to the marketplace and have a more open environment for innovation and transformation, by having an agile infrastructure that is enabled by cloud computing, due to rapid changes in economic activity, markets, corporate boundaries, and industry structures. Singulairty Partners' Infrastructure Staffing services assist IT organizations with the much-needed agility that helps them respond to changing business needs. By co-creating solutions with our clients, we help improve user satisfaction, reduce the cost and complexity of technology and operations, and enable enterprises to stay ahead of the technology curve. Singularity Partners' Infrastructure Staffing services are designed to augment an organization’s workforce during expected and unexpected staff shortages.

The following include just some of the roles found under IT Infrastructure Staffing:

  • Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)

  • Go-live pre Activation/post Activation Support

  • ICD 10 Transition

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Project Management

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)

  • Health Information exchange

  • IT Strategy

  • Physician Office Electronic Medical record

  • Risk Management

  • Enterprise Revenue Cycle

  • HL7 Analysts

  • Meaningful Use Requirements

  • Technology Infrastructure

Healthcare IT Staffing

Singularity Partners' Healthcare solutions, technology and consulting enable organizations to achieve greater efficiency within their operations; collaborate to improve outcomes; and integrate with new partners for a more sustainable, personalized and patient-centric system, focused on value. Our goal is to assist clients make the most out of their Healthcare IT systems.

The following include just some of the roles found under Healthcare IT Staffing:

  • Analytics

  • Business Consulting Services

  • Business Intelligence

  • CRM – Oracle, SAP, etc.

  • ERP Package Implementation

  • Testing Services

  • Mobility Solutions & Services

  • Assurance Services

  • Business Transformation

  • Big Data

  • Data Warehousing

  • ECM – EMC, MS SharePoint

  • Integration Services

  • Project Management

  • Application Management

  • Business Process Mgmt

  • Cloud Computing

  • Enterprise Systems

  • Data Mgmt & Reporting

  • Microsoft Technologies

  • Systems Integration

IT Direct Placement

The recent economic downturn in the economy forced many businesses to trim their workforce in order to minimize costs and maintain profitability. Now the economy is in recovery phase, and businesses are trying to rebuild, and gain a competitive edge by hiring key IT resources. 
However, choosing the right resource for any given requirement is always challenging. It requires in-depth understanding of the requirements and efficient processes that should fill the position in a timely manner. Also, some of the critical positions can be quite challenging to fill. 

For the past 14 years, Singularity Partners has been thoroughly involved in understanding the exact needs of its’ clients, and staffing their requirements with professionals who have proven track records in their respective fields of specialization. Our stringent selection procedures ensure that the chosen candidates are the best match for any given requirement and job description. Our exceptional recruiting processes screen outstanding candidates from the flooded market of IT professionals. As our client, we leave no stone unturned in order to understand your culture, business, technical environment and gain detailed insight. 

We not only cater to the direct placement services for Fortune 500 companies, but also possess extensive experience in placing candidate for small and mid-size companies as well. 

To be best at what we do and stay competitive, we keep track of where the best IT professionals are, and this helps us find the right talent at the right time. We build and strengthen our relationships with those in the IT workforce, and this enables us to go beyond people who are available. We leverage referrals and screen candidates for required skills, business acumen and cultural fit. 

Singularity Partners offers exceptional talent in Application Staffing, IT Infrastructure Staffing, and Healthcare IT Staffing. The following include just some of the roles found under IT Direct Placement:

  • Application Development

  • Testing Services

  • Application Maintenance & Support

  • Systems Integration

  • Cloud Migration

IT Managed Services (SOW)

Having a dedicated team of specialists, which can be scaled up or down as needed, focused on your business and supporting your critical software development initiatives is a great way to increase productivity, lower costs and achieve optimum results. Use our expertise in collaboratively managing IT service projects to reduce your time while you still maintain overall control. We will build the right team of specialists needed to get the job done right, on time and on budget.

The following include just some of the roles found under IT Managed Services:

Our Delivery Model

We help find the right people for the right job. We understand how critical it is to match the right talent to the specified job. In today’s fast paced business world. We know time management is of utmost importance. We help you utilize your time more effectively by offering the best talent in the market which saves hiring managers time and energy spent on screening candidates. We take a hands-on approach and do all of the legwork for you. Our Staffing Team is professional, compassionate and stringently follows hiring procedures and guidelines. Our staffing professionals keep current with the latest trends in the market. We also use social network platforms to find and recruit the top talent available. We have built a world class Recruiting Engine to compile a talent base of pre-screened candidates available for rapid placement. This talent acquisition model encompasses a sophisticated resource management database and a centralized quick response team specialized in sourcing and qualifying the best candidates through best practices.

Based on our knowledge of client needs and the skills they typically require, we identify and deliver the finest candidates available through a comprehensive, five-step recruiting process. The proven steps are:

  1. Planning - Singularity Partners takes the time to understand your company, and its culture. This helps us assess your specific requirements, and develop a plan to get the right talent.

  2. Sourcing - Singularity Partners has an extensive database of the top technical professionals, their job profiles, salary structure, where to find them and when they will be available. Most of these world class professionals have personal or professional connections to our organization. We understand their preferences, and what it takes to get them on-board. We also have a comprehensive network of IT professionals, and we use our referral-based sourcing to improve our selectivity, and effectiveness to choose the top talent for any given requirement.

  3. Qualification - We qualify resource candidates through careful analysis of their skills, testing, their preferences, and their work history to ensure you get a qualified candidate who meets your specified skill qualifications, culture and cost and is committed to your project.

  4. Closing - We communicate with our candidates continuously throughout the staffing process which results in higher success in closing the selected candidate.

  5. On-Boarding - We customize our on-boarding process for each client’s unique needs so that resources show up on time, ready to go from day one.


We work in a wide variety of models to suit the customer's needs and requirements. We work with most of the leading MSP organizations and VMS software systems.


We work direct with clients who want both onsite and offshore IT talent.


We believe timely and effective communication with our clients and our professional consultants is a key component to achieving successful project completion through sustained consultant performance and retention until project completion. We are fully committed to being a valued partner to you for all of your staffing resources.

  • Creative Director

  • Marketing Manager

  • Media Planner

  • Creative Services Coordinator

  • Campaign Manager

  • Brand Manager

  • Account Manager

  • Art Director

  • Interactive Account Director

  • Product Manager

  • Technical Writer

  • Packaging & Promotions Mgr

  • Mobile Designer

  • Print/Web Designer

  • Software Interface Designer

  • Website Designer

  • WordPress Developer

  • Python Developer

  • Flash Designer

  • UI/UX Design Specialist

  • Usability Specialist

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IT Staffing - Application Staffing
IT Staffing - IT Infrastructure Staffing
IT Staffing - Healthcare IT Staffing
IT Staffing - IT Direct Placement
IT Staffing - IT Managed Services (SOW)

Questions about our IT Staffing Services? Please contact us for more information.

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