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Singularity Partners Hardware Services
Singularity Partners Hardware Services

Our Hardware Services Offerings

Our Partners in Hardware Services

Some of Our Partners in Hardware Services:

Singularity Partners Hardware Services

Hardware Services

Our Overview

Our expert engineering team blends an intimate knowledge of the latest processes, standards, and frameworks with years of experience designing, testing, and launching hardware, firmware, and software applications from a breadth of industries and environments. We have the tools and technical expertise to help you solve the toughest problems, reduce risk, and leverage the very latest technology.

We design products using proven industry best practices so that every step of development is verifiable and the highest quality is achieved. We also employ a collaborative process where engineers work together throughout the development process to ensure that the final product exceeds our customers’ performance, quality, and cost expectations.

Detailed below are examples of the hardware services:

Network SW/HW Engineering for Data Center/LANs

Expertise in various Routing and switching protocols, Cloud, Open Stack, x/IP protocols, various L2/L3 Network protocols, and systems integration with COTS/Linux, Third-party stacks, SDKs on multi-vendor NPU based Platforms, Management Plane (Data Modelling, RESTful API design, Yang, NETCONF and infrastructure component design and implementation.

Network SW/HW Engineering for WANs/RANs

We have defined Fabric services extensions and plugins to Open Stack for Cloud, OVS, SDN solutions such as Open Flow, virtualization support with overlay tunnels such as VXLAN. Driving BGP EVPN based design and NSX plugins for VXLAN inter-DC and intra-DC and Network Virtualization on OS10 to enable IaaS service scenarios in data centers.

Open Source Networking Engineering

Expertise to define, execute, and innovate new ideas in the disruption of networks with application, OS, control plane and hardware dis-aggregation using latest cutting edge technologies.

Modern Networking Dynamic Protocols

Expertise in implementing designs for devices supporting Openflow, NETCONF, RESTCONF, Yang, SDN, NFV, including integration with OpenStack and proprietary Cloud and Virtualized Data Centers for dynamic configuration management of networking resources.


Proprietary SW engineering for industry HW leaders

Provided software features/quality improvements for Qfabric and other platforms based on JunOS and merchant silicon (Broadcom) and other ASIC/custom Network Processors. Architected and Designed and code contributions on Cisco, Juniper and Dell Routers/fabric/distributed systems, Data Center switching, BGP based CLOS Data Centers. Routing Protocols: BGP, MPLS, EVPN, VxLAN, Segment-Routing.

HW and SW engineering for storage technology

Design of integrated Hardware and Software devices implementing various storage protocols including FreeNAS, Ceph, NFS, Samba, iSCSI, FibreChannel, ZFS, and custom solutions built on custom Linux distributions.

General HW Engineering for connected devices

Board level Hardware design and Verification of consumer, enterprise and industrial products. Experience with design and verification of Intel's x86 Skylake, NVidia GPU, DDR4 SDRAM, GDDR5 memory, compliance verification lab for USB 3.1, PCI Express 3.1, eDP 1.3 and mDP1.3, m.2/NVME SSD, 10GigE LAN interfaces, SPI/I2C/SMBus/1Wire protocols. Experience building/testing multi-protocol PoE drivers (802.3af/at/bt). Experience with optical sensor, motor control, capacitive touch, SMBus troubleshooting for Battery Charger, camera Sensors, Board design with Schematics (ORCAD) and layout (Cadence Allegro), Signal, power and EMC integrity, Over Current protection systems, safety test and verification, Design verification, and Pre-FCC certification testing.

Questions about our Hardware Services? Please contact us for more information.

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