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Public Sector


With multi-year economic downturn and shrinking budgets, government agencies face unique challenges in today’s environment. Government agencies are using technology to drive innovation and efficiency delivering constituent services. Partnering with the right technology experts can also give local government the ability to minimize fraud, waste and abuse of public programs Singularity Partners solutions for government support transparent operations, cost-effective systems and informed decision making. Singularity Partners helps government organizations achieve their goals. From school districts, housing authorities, municipal courts, and law enforcement agencies, to public utilities, transportation authorities, and health and human services agencies, the responsibilities of local government span a wide range of functions. Having considerable experience across a number of complex governance projects, our specialists are able to conceptualize, develop and deliver the best-in-class solutions that allow you to meet your stakeholders’ diverse interests. With access to cutting-edge technologies we provide advice to clients in their quest to meet the expectations of their multiple stakeholder groups. Our experience of working with governments gives us an ability to build value-added solutions with a perfect blend of management and the technological know-how.

Our Public Sector Offerings

Our technology services include:

  • Applications Services

  • Business Analytics and Big Data

  • Health IT

  • ERP Services

  • Mobile & Cloud Computing

  • Cyber Security

  • Independent Testing Services

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