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Singularity Partners Open Office

Careers at Singularity Partners

Our application process is about getting to know each other. We thought you might like to know what to expect.

Singularity Partners has learned many important lessons over the years. One of these insights is that a sense of urgency is an absolute necessity in keeping our customers happy. They want it right away, and we deliver. As such, we've designed a application process that is simple, streamlined, and yields the absolute best resources. The application process is:

Technical screen

If you’re applying for a technical role, here’s your chance to show us your passion for tech and some of your skills. A team member will put together a few questions related to the to your field and take 30 minutes or so to discuss them with you over the phone.

Interview time

It’s time to meet face to face. We'll find a convenient date and invite you to our closest office to meet in person. The recruiter will line up interviews for you with a broad group of people, so you can meet lots of future colleagues and have a glimpse into how it feels to work here.

You’ll also take some assessments during the day, which are challenging - but we’ve all done them. They are a great data point to help us work out how well we’ll fit together.

And that’s it. The recruiter will stay in touch with you and give you more info about each stage as it’s coming; no surprises, we promise.

It's offer time

Once we're done with the phone screen and in person interviews, and our team agrees that you're a fit, we'll contact you to begin the offer process. This usually goes quickly, and once we agree on terms, we'll discuss start date and details around the on boarding process. Piece of cake.

About Singularity Partners

A Potent Network

Singularity Partners is a collection of technology experts passionate about enabling and creating a wide array of strategic and measurably impactful technology solutions.  Singularity Partners is focused on “What Matters” for our clients, leveraging a “Potent Network” of technology experts and leaders, creating a unique synergy of knowledge, experience, and relationships to ensure our clients' success.


Founded by Industry Technology Veterans, Singularity Partners draws on combined decades of in-the-trenches experience to help clients succeed.  Our roots are in the Pacific Northwest, but our expertise is global.

Introductory chat

The first thing we’ll do is have you talk with one of our recruiters. Talk to us! Tell us all about you – your background, interests, passions, fears and everything. Throw all of your questions at us. We really are interested in getting to know you. From here we’ll set up a technical phone interview.

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