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Singularity Partners Open Office

Our Media & Entertainment Offerings

Singularity Partners supports the Broadcasting & Cable, Entertainment, Gaming, Advertising, Music and Print & Publishing Market Segments.

Singularity Partners Media & Entertainment services include:

  • Advertisement Solutions

  • Broadcast management systems

  • Digital Media Platform & Consulting

  • Entertainment (Film, music & gaming) systems

  • Enterprise Content Management Solutions

  • Enterprise Mobility

  • Publishing

  • Business Information Services

Media & Entertainment


The rapid evolution of digital devices and consumer behavior is reinventing the broadcasting industry. Digital media is changing the media landscape in fundamental ways. With this changing landscape, forward-thinking media companies are harnessing technology to improve their reach and take advantage of new paradigms. With the advent of the digital age, information service providers seek ways to cope with the dynamic changes, while aiming to deliver the right message to the target audience. Amidst this, the right digital solutions can help you manage, reuse and repurpose your legacy and existing content across growing digital media.

Singularity Partners industry enterprise coupled with our end-to-end technology capabilities can turn your digital media strategy into reality—intelligently and cost-effectively. With our strong domain experience, focus innovation and our capability to provide end-to-end service for the media and information services industry, we are best positioned to understand the imperatives of changes and hence, can be a strategic long term IT partner for the industry. We help design better systems that handle and accommodate future changes using the latest technological advancements.

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