Agile Transformation Services

Our Overview

Most organizations begin exploring and achieve ad hoc capability through self-learning, experimentation, and limited training and consulting. Once organizations have had some initial success with agile, the goal expands to align teams at all levels of the organization. Leveraging initial success requires an organized approach. Singularity Partners provides a solution to enable this broader agile capability.

Our Agile Transformation Offerings

The Parts of an Agile Transformation

Singularity Partners executes successful Agile transformations with a comprehensive set of components at each phase of the transformation. They are:

  • Consulting

  • Education

  • Organization & Infrastructure

  • Agile Transformation

The Sequence of an Agile Transformation

Singularity Partners executes successful Agile transformations with a proper sequence of actions. They are:

  • Validation

  • Education

  • Continuous Improvement

The Impact of an Agile Transformation

Singularity Partners gauges the success of Agile transformations by key organizational indicators. They are:

  • Quarterly Assessments

  • Capability Checkpoints

  • Organizational Adaptability

Hands on coaching and consulting designed for your organization will help you increase agility in a way that supports your enterprise agile journey

  • Organizational & Team Assessments

  • Agile/Lean Leadership Consulting

  • Team Coaching

  • Agile Technical Coaching

  • Singularity Partners Implementation Consulting

  • Agile Program Launch


Our Capabilities

Through our decade of leading organizations to understand and achieve agility, Singularity Partners has defined five levels of capability for organizations as they adopt agile approaches. Understanding current capability and business goals allows a transition strategy to be developed that is focused and efficient.


Our Framework

At every phase of your Agile journey, Singularity Partners will guide your teams with a proven methodology to ensure progress to plan

  • Kickoff – Assess, plan, define goals and roles, and begin

  • Design – Create roadmap, playbook, and communication

  • Validate – Setup Agile ALM Platform and begin validating with teams and coaches

  • Launch – Full system, portfolio/program and team roll-out

  • Continuous Improvement – Evaluate performance, adapt and review






At every phase of your agile journey, Singularity Partners takes a multi-pronged approach to insuring a successful Agile transformation for your organization.
































Our Education

Agile Transformation Services – Education Services


Learn Agile and Lean practices, along with how to practice with an ALM (Agile Lifecycle Management) platform, to overcome cross-functional challenges, increase visibility at all levels, and increase the speed of your teams.

  • Agile/Lean Practices

  • Agile Accelerator

  • Agile for Executives

  • Lean/Kanban

  • Scaling Agile (ex. SAFe®)

  • Agile Engineering

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