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Singularity Partners Open Office

Careers at Singularity Partners

Welcome - It's Nice to Have You Here

Singularity Partners is a global technology consultancy. We help our clients imagine and bring about a different future. We work out what comes next for their business. Then, together, we bring it to life, fast.

We love to create tech which makes lives better - in small ways, or in huge ways. We love to get better at what we do, at how we think. We love to learn. We love to share.

We Are Singularity Partners

"I enjoy being in the right place, part of a group that was striving to make the world a better place. Singularity Partners, in their pursuit of customer delight and having a positive social impact, has attracted some of the best, smartest people in technology. Walking into that kind of workplace everyday is nothing short of amazing.

Aaron Williams - Executive Team

"Business operations is the underlying glue that keeps things going. We do all those things that our professional services team needs to best serve our clients. This includes everything from marketing, recruitment, people support, finance, legal and many more. Working in business operations gives me insights into all the amazing things that we do."

Marlo Jordan - Accounts

"Data is everywhere. A Cliché, but true nevertheless. I love the fact that my role requires me to pick up a new challenge every now and then, work across domains and push my own boundaries of knowledge. It makes me feel alive."

Andy Barr - Data Scientist

"From helping clients reimagine their business in the digital era, building products that matter, to helping client product teams contribute, Singularity Partners has challenged and brought out the best in me."

Edward Berry - Executive Team

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