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Singularity Partners Digital Services

Digital Services

Our Overview

Businesses are at a critical juncture: adopt and adapt technology to meet the 24x7, anytime, anywhere demands of customers, employees, partners, and IT departments—or risk becoming obsolete. One of the primary shifts in responding to such demands is the creation and delivery of digital services: mobile-first applications that are intuitive and intelligent, bringing contextual information to people based on who they are, where they are, and what they are trying to do. They provide automated self-service, crowd-sourced collaboration, and are continuously refined at high speed.

With new demands on business, more moving parts than before, and the need for speed of delivery without sacrificing quality and security, the old ways of managing technology only get you so far. A new approach is needed—one that’s real-time, intuitive, automated, secure, and open. 

To stay competitive, traditional businesses must transform into digital enterprises to meet the changing needs of their customers, employees, partners, and IT departments.  A digital enterprise is an organization that has a digital-first mindset for new services, and is actively working to convert and automate internal and customer-facing services.

Our solutions are designed to deliver stronger security, better customer engagement and regulatory compliances and meet rapidly changing demands enabling you to source, purchase and control goods and materials you need to stay at a competitive edge in the market.

Our full range of digital services includes:

  • Collect and analyze holistic information about your business

  • Recommend architecture for digital commerce

  • Strategize Digital Marketing to consistent branding and sales

  • Enhance Mobility of your business

  • Improve User Experience with advanced and proven UX Designs

Our Digital Services Offerings

Singularity Partners Digital Services

Digital Commerce

New technologies continue to change the Digital Commerce landscape creating unprecedented opportunities for both sellers and buyers. Reduced operational cost, better purchasing insights and streamlining the demand and supply chain are some of the best benefits that Digital Commerce can offer to a business.

Singularity Partners offers innovative and integrated end to end approach that spans the entire digital commerce paradigm. Leveraging advanced analytics, Singularity Partners' Digital Commerce solutions offers perfectly measured supply and demand chain, streamlined operations and personalized customer experiences. Our solutions are designed to deliver stronger security, better customer engagement and regulatory compliances.

Our solutions are designed to meet rapidly changing demands enabling you to source, purchase and control goods and materials you need to stay at a competitive edge in the market. Customer purchase analytics improve market effectiveness and help create lifelong relationship with your most valuable customers. Purposed for clear vision to achieve the maximum digital transformation, Singularity Partners' Digital Commerce solution is what you need right at this moment.

Our winning strategy for Digital Commerce offers a range of benefits to:


Banking & Financial Sector:

We help leverage analytics to improve banking and financial services to deliver differentiated value to their global customer segments.


We empower retailers to deliver more value to customers, refine shopping experience and reduce operational cost.

Communication Service Providers:

Our solutions are tailor made for communication industry to maximize product delivery and refine customer experience.


Today’s adoption of mobile technology is rapidly changing the way organizations are conducting business. At Singularity Partners, we found that businesses with industry leading Mobile technology outperforms and grows by 2 times more than its peers, including revenues driven by 10% more.

Singularity Partners Mobility Solutions brings together context, collaboration and clarity. We help our clients support and manage the mobile infrastructure with solutions designed to reduce cost and gain expertise. Singularity Partners mobility service helps you better manage the IT infrastructure. It is a comprehensive managed service that stretches beyond Software –as-a-solution. Our clients achieve end to end mobile device management solution inside the enterprise.

Singularity Partners' Mobility offerings include:

Mobility Strategies

Singularity Partners mobile strategies are designed to drive effectiveness and unlock value. We deliver tailor made enterprise architecture and application strategies to drive mobility excellence, productivity driven infrastructure capabilities and of course, unmatched security. Our Mobility Strategies are here to drive enterprise and customer value, altogether.

Mobile Application Development

Singularity Partners Mobile Application services deliver consumer and enterprise application that helps our client stand out in market and improve productivity. Our Mobile Application development ensures you achieve a mobile solution that delivers seamless performance under reduced cost and increased efficiency. We help you manage your IT infrastructure, finance and inventory with advanced mobile applications.

Digital Marketing

Digital Information that surrounds us lends massive opportunities to create personal and professional interaction. Marketing paradigm has changed and it has evolved into a blend of art and science. Customers demand more – more interactions and more personalized experiences.


Singularity Partners Digital Marketing services’ approach level integrates strategy, creativity, data science and technological capabilities to help your business stand out! Our take on harnessing businesses’ digital footprints and creating effective insights help us deliver personalized and elevated interactions.

Singularity Partners' Digital Marketing offerings include:

Campaign Management

Our campaign management process starts with a purpose to draw a roadmap towards your goal. Planning and campaign set up is followed by execution and analysis. Based on reports generated from analysis, we optimize campaign to generate maximum traffic and quality leads. Evaluation and reporting to clients is never missed out.

Email Marketing

Connect with customers directly via email. Strike familiarity and hook them through powerful contents and lucrative offers. Email Marketing is a powerful marketing paradigm that has been in industry since years and is believed to be the most powerful marketing strategy till date.

Digital Media Planning & Buying

This refers to a process of planning and buying of ad placements or inventory. Planning phase takes into consideration the product to be promoted and audience to be targeted, keeping campaign goals as central to planning. Buying refers to the purchasing of ad space at the best rates so that your brand proposition reaches target market not just effectively but cost effectively.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Aggressive Search Engine Optimization helps your website stick to the top rankings in every search engine result pages. This helps your business drive more visibility and quality traffic.

Social Media Marketing

With high social media engagement, your business gets the maximum exposure to markets beyond boundaries and resonates with customer buying habits. With Social Media Marketing, you can measure your efforts and improve business accordingly. Branding your business immediately follows successful social media marketing.


Content Marketing

Content is king. Going by the statement, we ensure that you are always empowered with compelling content to drive engagement in overall online medium. From updating your blogs regularly to equipping you with best marketing collaterals, our content marketing strategies keeps you ahead of competition.

User Experience Design

Smart organizations have realized that the end user experience has profound impact on their businesses. UX Design, thus, plays a vital role. The UX Design experience encompasses human-computer interaction helping to determine adoption, advocacy and productivity.


Singularity’s UX Design service incorporates key UX experiences in every stage of development process ensuring end user needs are always central to the entire development process. Through comprehensive consulting, design and development, we help organizations create powerful UX designs that lead to maximizing of revenues and enforce brand consistency. More precisely speaking, our UX design solutions offer better consumer experience.

Singularity Partners' User Experience Design offerings include:

User Research

Singularity Partners starts off with UX Design by doing comprehensive research on user profile, persona and market research. The entire process hinges on to adopt the design that suits business persona and allow user to resonate with your business branding. Competitor review is done to make sure your end product is above competitive edge in the current market.


Interaction Design

From interaction point of view, we make sure that strong and relevant information architecture is followed, create frameworks that ease navigation, deliver to client for review and finally go for refinement process.

Visual Design

Again in visual design phase, we emphasize on detailed layouts and illustration, add significant UI elements, splash screens, icons and animations and finally verify that all branding UX guidelines are followed.

Front end UI Development

An effective UI development is performed to collaborate the aforementioned research and design phases altogether and brings them alive through pre-eminent UX designs.

Digital Services - Digital Commerce
Digital Services - Mobility
Digital Services - Digital Marketing
Digital Services - User Experience Design

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