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Singularity Partners AWS Cloud Services

AWS Cloud Services

Our Overview

Singularity Partners provides Professional Services for the AWS Cloud that includes Program Management, Cloud Strategy, Training, Applications Development, Managed Service, Integration, Migration, DevOps, AWS Optimization and Analytics.

Our industry accredited staff delivers applications that are performant, scalable, secure reliable and that are capable of meeting stringent SLA’s. Our customers can choose to have our team exclusively deliver the service or as collaboration that “Cloud Enables” your local staff. Our mission is to help our customers to focus on their core business while Singularity Partners ensures that their applications run flawlessly in the AWS cloud.

Our AWS Cloud Services Offerings

Program Management

Singularity Partners offers PMP certified Project Managers to help lead your journey to the cloud. These managers will coordinate resources across organizations to ensure a successful engagement.

AWS Cloud Strategy

Singularity Partners will guide our customers on their cloud journey while focusing on ROI/TCO, security, performance and agility.

Our assessment & consulting service from a team of certified cloud experts will be beneficial for your business by enhancing the usage of your IT infrastructure.

AWS Cloud Architecture

Singularity Partners utilizes our expertise working with the AWS cloud to help our customers to architect solutions that are designed, built and operated in the most cost efficient, performant and secure manner possible.

Professional Services

Singularity Partners assists customers with their AWS implementations. The services include migration, development and integration of applications to running in the AWS Cloud. Our engineers use industry standard development frameworks and productivity tools to ensure that our customer applications are optimized for the AWS environment.

Migration Services

Singularity Partners helps in migration of all the major layers of the system requirements, such as DNS, load balancers, web & application layers, database and storage to cloud. We implement all necessary SLAs, security and compliance of various business applications. By using industry best practices and the information gathered in the assessment phase, our cloud architects will work with you to design the required cloud model.

AWS Optimization

Singularity Partners will assess your current usage pattern and your AWS environments to ensure that the environment is optimized for both performance and cost. We’ll recommend a mix of On Demand, Reserved, Dedicated and Spot instances that will best meet your requirements at the lowest possible price.


Singularity Partners will help our customers to setup their own complete DevOps architecture in the AWS cloud. Our DevOps team utilizes AWS services and industry standard products and practices to ensure that the environments include configuration management, continuous integration, rapid deployment, and instant cloud-based scaling.


Singularity Partners will design and implement AWS environments that allow our customer to create data models that supports robust decision making. Our team utilizes AWS services and 3rd party products to create an environment that supports visual process simulation, data mining, Monte Carlo simulation, forecasting and statistical analysis. We will utilize AWS data services and customer internal data to support the decision making process.

Managed Services

Singularity Partners provides technical support and monitors, configures, secures and manages your AWS Cloud environments. The service includes a comprehensive Service Level Agreement that covers Incident Response, Problem Resolution, Availability and Performance. Singularity Partners utilizes AWS tools and a global workforce to ensure system availability, performance and fast problem resolution.


As cloud is a shared service, it raises concern about the privacy, integrity and access control of the data. You save your most important and sensitive data in cloud. With the increasing demand of cloud, security is given the utmost priority. Singularity Partners cloud service places ‘security’ at the top of its priorities and ensures that privacy and integrity is maintained when handling your data. We have an enhanced data security and privacy policy that adheres to all regulatory compliances.


Our cloud security service addresses all security controls which are needed to maintain a customer’s data security and privacy. The technology and policy used in Singularity Partners caters to all compliances irrespective of the service models (SaaS, PaaS or IaaS) and the delivery models (public, private or hybrid). We will ensure all necessary security patches are applied and security features are implemented to reduce threats. We adopt data isolation and logical storage segmentation which doesn’t allow a customer to view other’s data.

Singularity Partners utilizes AWS certified trainers to lead classes that are designed to help your internal IT team to obtain AWS certifications. Based on where your organization is on its path to the cloud, Singularity Partners can offer training that will meet your goals and objectives.


As Singularity Partners joins our customers on their journey to the cloud our goal is to ensure that their systems are Secure, Performant and Reliable and delivered at the lowest possible cost.

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Singularity Partners AWS Cloud Services
Singularity Partners AWS Cloud Services
Singularity Partners AWS Cloud Services

Questions about our Application Services? Please contact us for more information.

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