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Singularity Partners Open Office

About Singularity Partners

A Potent Network

Singularity Partners is a collection of technology experts passionate about enabling and creating a wide array of strategic and measurably impactful technology solutions.  Singularity Partners is focused on “What Matters” for our clients, leveraging a “Potent Network” of technology experts and leaders, creating a unique synergy of knowledge, experience, and relationships to ensure our clients' success.


Founded by Industry Technology Veterans, Singularity Partners draws on combined decades of in-the-trenches experience to help clients succeed.  Our roots are in the Pacific Northwest, but our expertise is global.

Our Services

Our Industries

Our Mission

Our mission is to better humanity through software and help drive the creation of a socially and economically just world. We bring together the most capable, driven and passionate people to:

  • Run a sustainable business

  • Champion software excellence and revolutionize the IT industry

  • Advocate passionately for social and economic justice

Our History

For more than 14 years, Singularity Partners has been achieving excellence by delivering high quality custom application development services, innovative testing solutions, and providing competitively priced IT staffing services to our esteemed clients. We are relentlessly driven by results and take pride in our customer-centric engagement models. We blend our clients’ needs with proven delivery models and highly talented execution teams to deliver outstanding results.


Headquartered in Bellevue Washington, Singularity Partners has offices and delivery locations in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific and the Middle East (UAE) supporting global clients.

Our Beliefs

Singularity Partners has had 12 long-standing precepts by which it has does business. It has followed these truisms closely through the years and will continue to do so as the "how" in our work. They are:

  1. At the ideation stage, an ability to gain insight into our clients and their customer needs and understanding of the potential relevance of emerging technologies

  2. At the product development stage, an ability to engage actively with our clients and their customers to prove the validity of concepts and to assess market potential and risks, and the ability to leverage existing product platforms into new products

  3. At the commercialization stage, an ability to work with pilot users to roll out products carefully but quickly, and to coordinate across the entire organization for an effective launch

  4. We help our clients focus on critical, differentiating capabilities – things that our clients do better than anyone else and that align with their innovation and overall business strategy

  5. We assist our clients to be Customer vs. Competitor focused

  6. We assist our clients with Digital Commerce that radically reshapes marketplaces

  7. We believe in being Nimble while achieving scale, meshing size and agility

  8. We incorporate Continuous Evolution in all of our thinking

  9. We believe in the Long-Term Approach

  10. We believe in an Entrepreneurial Culture

  11. We are Stubborn on Vision, Flexible on Details

  12. It’s always “Day One” to us

Our Clients

Our Partners

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Our People

Wherever we are in the world, Singularity Partners associates share the same cultural characteristics and imperatives. We come to work as ourselves. We enjoy each other’s company. We value honesty and transparency. Appearances and backgrounds aren’t important to us; ideas and doing the right thing are. We abhor and reject discrimination and inequality and promote diversity in all its forms. We proudly, passionately and actively strive to make both Singularity Partners and our industry more reflective and inclusive of the society that we serve. We look to  the individuals on our teams to have following traits and standards:

  • Do the right thing

  • Attitude, aptitude and integrity

  • Service to others and society over self

  • Solidarity over charity

  • Serve holistic goals over achieving targets

  • Personal and organizational transparency

  • Curiosity, creativity and passion

  • Fail fast and publish our mistakes

  • Intolerant of intolerance

  • No jerks

  • High values alignment, loosely coupled

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Questions about our company? Please contact us for more information.

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