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Singularity Partners Open Office

Our Communications Offerings

IT Transformation

  • Next Generation OSS & BSS

  • Service Delivery Platform Solutions

  • Application Outsourcing

  • Analytics and Information Management

  • Enterprise Application Services

  • Independent Verification & Validation Services

  • Integration Services


Product Development

  • Enterprise Content Management Systems & Search Platforms

  • Customer Experience & Portals

  • Digital Consumer Solutions


  • Mobile Testing

  • Service Delivery Platform

  • Wireless Systems Integration

Care & Sales Services

  • Customer Care Management

  • Revenue Assurance

  • Sales Force Transformation

  • Marketing Functions Transformation



Communications companies are all striving to bring innovation, speed and clarity to an already crowded marketplace. Merging network and IT technologies only add to the complexity of this challenging environment. Communications providers face a unique and dynamic set of challenges such as industry consolidation, disruptive technology changing trends and business models, emerging markets, global greening, customer churn and regulatory implications.


Singularity Partners association of over 15 years working in partnership with telecommunications industry firms in the development of innovative communication solutions for the commercial and consumer markets throughout the continental United States. Or comprehensive suite of services and expertise have helped many industry sector organizations in improving business value, drive higher performance and delivering best in class communication solutions to their customers.

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