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Interim Technology Leadership Services

Our Overview

In recent years there has been a significant increase in demand for interim technology IT Executive roles. Companies know when there is a significant problem or void within their software development or IT organization, and Singularity Partners executives know what to do to solve them with accountability, respect, and authenticity. Our interim technology leaders are seasoned, and get to work right away to manage teams, set budgets, establish strategy and ship products. They have proven business and technical acumen, and are committed to speed and transparency. Over the course of their careers, they have built countless teams, rebuilt organizations, guided companies through mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Our On Demand Model means fast-on, when-you-need-us-support with just the right amount of resources. On-demand recruiting as you need… No onboarding… Just results. Together, we can decide if a single exec, integrated team or coaching/mentoring relationship works best for you. We offer three levels of service:

  • Individual Executive

  • Executive-led Team

  • Mentoring, Training, and Coaching

Singularity Partners executives are the leaders you want on your team when the going gets tough, asking the right questions, and providing specificity, enabling:

  • Strong start-up leadership and instant credibility with investors.

  • Mid-size company coaching through rapid growth and scaling.

  • Company stabilization and continuity.

  • Helping enterprises through transitions while a new leader (CIO, CTO, VP, Director) is recruited.

We are experienced and well-connected on every level of the IT community. Thus, our interim leaders can guide your company through immediate technical and organizational challenges with accountability, respect and authenticity. Our executives will position you for success, and create a smooth transition plan for permanent replacement.

Our Interim Technology Leadership Services Offerings

Veteran technology executives with the skill and experience to solve any tech-related challenge. 

We staff veterans across the IT C-level suite, including:

  • CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

  • CIO (Chief Information Officer)

  • VP Engineering and Technology

  • VP Business Intelligence

  • VP of PMO (Project Management Office)

  • VP of QA/Test

  • VP of Infrastructure

  • Senior Level Director

Questions about our IBM AIX Migration Services? Please contact us for more information.

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