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Singularity Partners Open Office

Our Life Sciences Offerings

Discovery & Pre-Clinical

  • Lab Automation Systems

  • Discovery Decision support

  • Analytics & Data Visualization

  • Pre-Clinical Data Warehouse

  • Lab Automation Systems – LIMS and ELN

Supply Chain & Manufacturing Operations

  • SAP/ORACLE Implementation & Support

  • SCM Analytics & Optimization Services

  • Product Complaint System

  • Quality Management System (QMS)

  • Warehouse Management Solutions

Clinical Development

  • Clinical Trial Management

  • Clinical Data Management & EDC

  • Clinical Data Warehousing & Analytics

  • Scientific & Medical Writing

Sales & Marketing

  • CRM & Sales Force Automation

  • Strategic Analytics

  • Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence

  • Digital Marketing & Mobility Solutions

  • PhRMA Compliance

Safety and Pharmacovigilance

  • Serious Adverse Event Reconciliation

  • Case Processing and Reporting

  • Safety Data Repository

  • Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) Implementation & Contact Center

  • Signal Detection Systems

Life Sciences


The life sciences industry today is facing challenges from expiry of patents, industry shift to Biotechnology, changing government regulations, increasing competition from generics drug manufacturers, shift in product demand from developed nations to emerging markets and increasing focus on patient centricity. As a result, they are seeking more progressive business models and solutions that deliver superior business outcomes, while optimizing cost and enhancing patient outcomes. Life science industry is now looking at new business models and solutions that will deliver superior business outcomes while at the same time optimize costs, reduce time to market for a drug and meet the regulatory requirements.

Singularity Partners offers strong, centralized, scalable and high quality software delivery capability to provide innovative solutions which enable our partners to produce products faster and at lower costs. Our gamut of services and solutions covers the entire life sciences value chain from corporate to back office operations. We partner with you to apply time-tested strategies and next-generation solutions that optimize how you work across the value chain. We can help you solve challenges through compliance management, sales and marketing analytics and logistics/field service.

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