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Mainframe Migration Services

Our Overview

Whether your organization replaces the entire enterprise application system, replaces one application / component at a time, applies localized fixes in one application or modernizes underlying infrastructure environments, our migration services is comprehensive and flexible to meet your organization business and technology needs and requirements.


However, due to well known disadvantages in maintaining mainframe assets, a current trend is emerging to migrated functionality away from mainframe systems over to more relevant and cost-effective options. Singularity Partners offers the expertise for both mainframe migration strategy and implementation.

Our Approaches

Singularity Partners has a multi-pronged approach when looking at options to modernize legacy applications

  1. Total Transformation

  2. Gradual Replacement

  3. Duct Tape Approach (short-term solution)

  4. Improve Existing

  5. No System Change

1. Total Transformation

The entire system is rebuilt using new technology, and the old system is sunsetted.  It is built from scratch using standard platforms (e.g., J2EE) or built using a third-party package as a foundation layer.

2. Gradual Replacement

A component/function block of an IT System is replaced with a new technology and moved to production as a separate application while the rest of the system remains on old technology. With time, remaining components/functional blocks are replaced with separate apps and gradually the entire system is rebuilt.

3. Duct Tape Approach

Localized, small-scale changes are performed using new technology to address specific issues in the application while the application core architecture and technology remain the same. A popular approach is to build a new application that will be bolted to the main application to bridge the gap in functionality.

4. Improve Existing

The existing system is modernized to offer better results and efficiency gains through improved design. 




5. No System Change

Clients are taking a wait-and-watch approach and not going for any modernization drive or systems change.

Our Approach Comparison

Each of the five types of transformation approaches has its own merits and applicability. Which approach works best for any company depends on its organizational requirements, risk appetite, state of its existing IT infrastructure and competitive landscape.

Low Risk/ Fraction of Cost of Time

Our Value Proposition

Manual Redevelopment Cs. Automated Modernization

Manual Redevelopment is Failure-Prone, High-Risk, Long Schedule, Manual Rewrite

Automated Modernization is Low Risk, High Quality, Highly Scalable, Automated Modernization

Our Modernization Methods

Singularity Partners and TSRI (The Software Revolution, Inc.) deliver the highest quality modernized code at 100% automation levels. Our component-oriented, model-based, architecture-first, and supports UML and MDA.  All change is iterative, accomplished by rules applied to models.

Our Technology and Process

JRGEN is Singularity Partners and TSRI’s Rule-Based Transformation Engine.  Matches patterns and transforms source code AST models to target code models. 

JGEN is a Grammar Specification Engine.  Parses code, generates models (ASTs), prints and formats code from ASTs

Project Engagement Phases





Our Partners and Customers

With premier partnerships with groups like TSRI Singularity Partners serves a broad set of customers, both private and public.

Mainframe - Total Transformation
Mainframe - Gradual Replacement
Mainframe - Duct Tape Approach
Mainframe - Improve Existing
Mainframe - No System Change

Questions about our Mainframe Migration Services? Please contact us for more information.

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