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Singularity Partners Open Office

Singularity Partners is a diverse team of tech-enthusiasts. At our core, we are geeks, fascinated with new ideas and emerging technologies that have the potential for a positive and lasting impact.

We consider companies from all over the world that can benefit from our expertise, resources, and connections, as a starting point to successfully enter the market with their product, service or application.

We are proud to offer early support to the following businesses:

Metagame Academy

Metagame Academy is a Seattle, Washington based company, developing a patent-pending web platform for gamers and gaming coaches. As an open C2C marketplace, "Coaches" can earn money by providing up-and-coming gamers the instruction they need to get to the next level, all at an hourly rate. "Players" select the lessons they need and pay only for what they need. The deals are made between the "Coach" and the "Player."

Our Incubator

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